Supercoolseals NFT
A unique NFT collection containing 5 generations. Each generation will hold 10k stunning seals, also know as the doges of the seas.


SuperCoolSeals have entered the NFT world, and they are here to stay.  Each generation will drop individually and will contain 10k unique seals. Head on to our Twitter account for firsthand info when and where the next reveal will happen

After the second, fourth and fifth drop we will make a charityround where donations will be made to sealrescue charities selected by our followers on social media.  


Generation 1 - April 2022, TBA

Merch shop - April 2022, TBA

Generation 2 - April 2022, TBA

Charityround 1 - May 2022, TBA

Generation 3 - May 2022, TBA

Generation 4 - May 2022, TBA

Charityround 2 - June 2022, TBA

Generation 5 - June 2022, TBA

Charityround 3 - July 2022, TBA





The Prophet

The Captain

The Fixer